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Working Football Manager Patch, Crash FIx, NoSTEAM




May 1, 2014 Recently I got my answer from another member to my question I'm doing in here. He fixed my problem by fixing the noSTEAM folder.... You can read more about it here. A: I have found a fix to the issues I was having. According to an email I received from the developers of the game, the following steps are needed to get rid of this problem. In the steam overlay, open "programs" and look for FM.exe. If you are using a Mac, it is located at the following path /Users/(your user name)/Library/Application Support/Steam/SteamApps/common/Football Manager 2007/ If you are using Linux, it is located at /home/youruserid/AppData/Local/Programs/Electronic Arts/Football Manager 2007/ Right click on the FM.exe and select "open with" Then select "Open" and choose "Open with notepad" Now there should be a list of plugins that are missing. Double click on them in turn until they are all installed. Some people are experiencing a problem where the game hangs when they open FM. To get around this problem, disable your antivirus in the Steam application, then go to "Library/Cache/Football Manager", find your game folder, then open the "Cache.fdb" file within. You may find that your game is corrupted, but this should be easy enough to fix, so just try the steps above and it should work. More details can be found here: A: I just had this happen to me again. The only reason i found this site was because i had the same problem as the other person on here but i couldnt find a solution. This is what i did to fix my game. You need to install steam onto your computer first if it hasn't already, and then you need to create a folder where you can put all the stuff that steam uses to be able to download everything you need and then run the game (or you can find the FM.exe that's in the FM folder that came with the game). So you create a folder,




Working Football Manager Patch, Crash FIx, NoSTEAM

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