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Hey you!

Welcome to It's a Nail Thing! We are an inclusive salon of independent creatives who share a love of designing unique and beautiful nail art, with a side of great chat.

We are gender neutral, inclusive and informal. We reject the idea of quick, conveyer-belt nails and make sure that you receive the highest quality service, using safe and professional products. 


Inclusivity is so important to us. It's a Nail Thing is a gender-neutral space and we want you to be comfortable while you're here. If there is anything we can do to make sure we are accommodating your needs, please let us know in advance.

Our salon is located on the 3rd floor and there are a lot of steps. We are reassured that our building will be getting a lift in the future, but it isn't yet clear when that will be.  

We are based at Chatham Mill, just off Oxford Road.

Meet The Team


Stevie - Owner / Senior Artist


Joanna - Junior Artist

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Meg - Senior Artist


Lizzie - Senior Artist

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We are a collective of independent artists, so while we all work together under one roof, we each handle our own bookings and have different prices and ways of working. Click the images below to see more about each artist and to book, or visit their instagram profiles. 

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