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Not sure which service to choose? We got you!

Our nail art prices increase depending on complexity, due to the time and products required. Each of our independent artists will have a slightly different pricing model. The galleries below will give you some examples of the types of art that will fall into each tier.


The prices and examples here are Stevie's work - the founder and owner of It's a Nail Thing. Click 'Book Now' to see a full list of Nail Thing services and prices. 


For more examples, see the 'Nail Art Tiers' highlight on the Nail Thing instagram.

One colour

'One colour' means no artwork.


You can have different colours on each nail if you like, or you can stick with one of the beautiful nude builder gel colours.

Tier 1 nail art

Tier 1 is nail art that takes 15 minutes or less.


It can be minimal nail art on all fingers, or detailed feature nails.

Tier 2 nail art

Tier 2 nail art takes 15-30 minutes, usually using more than two colours, but not always! 

It could also be very detailed art on fewer fingers.

Tier 3 nail art

Tier 3 is the big stuff! Complex designs that take a 45 mins+, or those which involve additional work, such as chromes, gems or sequins.

Pick 'n' Mix nails have their own category as they take slightly longer and are therefore priced slightly higher.


Please contact me before booking if you have something bespoke in mind. I'll give you an estimate which may include time to design the artwork in addition to the appointment time. 

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